president’s word

Empowering the women of today to inspire the women of tomorrow.

Everything we do involving the EVOLVEwithK campaign is strictly aimed to bring awareness towards the lack of diversity in our communities.

About agency:

This agency is going to be a means to fight the lack of diversity and representation in the Health and Fitness industry. We aim to provide opportunities to women of different faiths and races. This great initiative will put your brand at the heart of this community. Working with us means that you will have easier access to the diverse audience that presently accounts for £2.3 trillion per annum in spending.

Work with us:

Launch events:


The agency will be hosting different types of events to launch or showcase your brand/ products. Unlike other wellness brands or agencies; our launch events allow brands to reach and target consumers from different ethnic backgrounds. (E.g. Statistics show that the British black community is now worth £300 billion and Muslim consumers are worth about £2.3 trillion.)

Social media marketing:


The agency will be connecting brands with diverse influencers and professionals in health, fitness and lifestyle. Influencers will be working on social media campaigns that promote health and fitness brands through blog articles, reviews, social media posts and stories, and through videos.